Black Hills Energy is proposing to construct a 39-mile 115kV transmission line that starts in Pueblo West and traverses west toward Cañon City. The project is needed to support electric system load growth in the region and to maintain safe, reliable service for our customers in the Pueblo West, Penrose and Canon City communities.

Project Facts


Our area has a growing power demand

High peak period demand for electricity in Cañon City and surrounding areas has placed additional stress on the electric transmission system.

Reliability is key

The new transmission line will help meet today’s needs for additional transmission capacity while also enabling future distribution substations to maintain system reliability in the Cañon City, Penrose and Pueblo West communities.


Transmission Line

Photograph of transmission line

We are building a transmission line

Black Hills Energy is building a 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission line. It is a high voltage line that transmits and distributes electrical energy over great distances. Transmission lines are used to reduce the energy loss that can occur over long distances.

When completed, the 115 kV line will have poles 65 to 75 feet above ground and will generally use H frame structures to support the lines in a 125-foot-wide right-of-way corridor.



We looked at many variables

We looked for a route to meet the needs of the transmission system while also considering the local, physical and technological constraints. Many different variables were considered and Black Hills Energy consulted with representatives from Fort Carson, the Bureau of Land Management, and landowners in the area. Black Hills Energy also reviewed alternative routes to assess whether they met the purpose and need of the project, and attempted to follow the route of existing transmission lines or other infrastructure to reduce environmental impacts. The alternative routes considered presented additional environmental, and/or technical challenges.



Safety is our first priority

Our first priority is always public safety, employee safety and contractor safety. Black Hills Energy crews are fully trained and equipped to work safely in all types of terrain. We take a proactive approach, with daily safety meetings, careful monitoring and sharing safety tips with landowners.

Black Hills Energy will operate the transmission line in accordance with all local, state and federal requirements.


Project Schedule

2017 2018
Permitting & Right-of-way
2019 2020 2021

Supplemental Maps

Please use your mouse to click and zoom to see route details in the maps below.

Pueblo West Routing Street Map Pueblo County Project Overview Map

Electromagnetic Fields

Analysis of the Proposed Line

Black Hills performed an analysis to determine EMF levels from the proposed transmission line at the edge of the right-of-way.


*EMF for proposed line where it is adjacent to WAPA line is 90 mG (All mG are measured at edge of right-of-way)

EMF Comparison

Magnetic Field 6 inches from appliance (mG) Magnetic fields 2 feet away (mG)

Note: Dash (--) means that the magnetic field at this distance from the operating appliance could not be distinguished from background measurements taken before the appliance had been turned on.

Source: National Institute of Environmental Health Services / National Institutes of Health: EMF Associated with the Use of Electric Power

Vacuum cleaner 300 --
Electric oven 9 --
Dishwasher 20 4
Microwave oven 200 10
Hair dryer 300 --
Computers 14 2
Fluorescent lights 40 2
Garbage disposals 80 2

What is EMF?

The voltage on an electrical wire is caused by electric charges that can exert forces on other nearby charges, and this force is called an “electric field” (E). When charges move they produce an electric current that can exert forces on other electric currents, and this force between electric currents is called a “magnetic field” (M). Together, electric and magnetic fields are called EMF.

What else in my home or office produces comparable or higher mG of EMF?

Many children’s toys contain magnets and many of us use refrigerator magnets, generating fields of about 100,000 to 500,000 mG.

An increasingly common diagnostic procedure, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), uses fields of about 20,000,000 mG.

Do underground lines reduce EMF levels?

NO. In fact, underground lines can produce higher levels of magnetic fields directly above the line at ground level because these lines are located closer to you (5 feet below) compared to overhead lines (25 to 30 feet above).

Are there state or federal standards for EMF exposure?

There are no federal standards limiting residential or occupational EMF exposure. Several states have set standards for the allowed level of magnetic fields from new power lines. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has determined that magnetic fields for new power lines of 150 mG or less are reasonable at the edge of the right of way.

Contact Information


Seth Boutilier
105 S. Victoria Ave., Pueblo, CO 81003


Julie Rodriguez
105 S. Victoria Ave., Pueblo, CO 81003


Please Join Us for a Pueblo West Community Meeting!

Meeting Information

Date: September 12, 2018
Time: 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Location: Pueblo West Fire Station No. 3 — Training Room
729 East Gold Drive
Pueblo West, CO 81007

The Pueblo County Department of Planning and Development invites you to participate in a public meeting where community members will be able to meet with Black Hills Energy staff in order to learn more, discuss concerns, and ask questions about the Cañon West Reliability Project.

Black Hills Energy is requesting approval of a permit by the Pueblo Board of County Commissioners, as the designated Permit Authority, for construction of a 115-kilovolt electric transmission line in unincorporated Pueblo County. The project is proposed to support electric system load growth in the region and to maintain safe, reliable service for Black Hills Energy customers in the Pueblo, Pueblo West, Penrose and Cañon City communities.

The transmission line would start in Pueblo West and traverse toward Cañon City. The portion of the line in Pueblo County for which this permit approval is being requested is approximately 18 miles in length on lands in the A-1 Agricultural, A-3 Agricultural, S-1 Public Use, and I-2 Industrial Zone Districts. The proposed Cañon West Reliability Project will occupy a 125-foot wide right-of-way. The transmission line will be constructed on either steel monopole (70-90 feet high) or horizontal configured wood H-frame structures (60-80 feet high).